Sucker Rod on the Freebie Shelf

@TLAR told me about some sucker rod on the freebie shelf. If someone would relocate it to the blacksmithing area I would much appreciate it. It is what I use to teach the blacksmithing a chisel class with. All of it would be put to good use.

Here’s what Tom sent me via text:

Want me to test it with my Geiger counter, lol?

They are on the freebie shelf, or were originally, so if you want to stop by and test them feel free to do so,
I doubt they’re radioactive though you never know. Thanks for the offer.

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Thanks to whomever put the sucker rod on the freebie shelf. @jbrown885 collect a pair of the longer rods and put them into the blacksmtihing area. I collected all of the rods, the two in blacksmithing and the two still on the shelf this morning when we had an open forge class. I will use them in my chisel tool creation class. Thanks @TLAR for pointing them out.

This will likely delay at least for a little while the need to go purchase a bunch more.

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