Stuck Blowgun On Airhose

The gun is stuck on there. Disconnects with no leaks but refuses to be removed.

Which reel?

The reel at the center which has the plastic disconnects.

Sure it’s stuck or just stubborn? It’s like a 3 way disconnect that’s weird if you haven’t used that style before. Have to like push in the collet, slight twist, then pull the collet back out before popping the tool

Took me a while to figure it out. It’s some proprietary design that’s supposed to prevent hoses from popping off too easily

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Ohhh! I was trying every which way. The old school method, the old school method with a slight push in the end, and started to think I should bust out tools to fix it (glad I didn’t). Thanks for the update.

And honestly, I like the old school style. A bit more universal in knowing how to use. It’s is what it is.

yeah I’m not a fan of what’s on those robowheels either.

I’m just visualizing some joker trying to attach a “blow gun” for shooting darts onto the hose at DMS at 3 am in the morning on a dare or something…

Pull back push out it’s so it does not launch tools from the air line.