Streaming cart additions (BoD agenda item info dump/discussion)

After using the cart for several classes and streams, I believe we have started to get a handle on uses, strong and weak points, and places to improve. Astrud and I have been supplementing the DMS hardware on the cart with some of our personal gear, and I believe it would benefit DMS to own the same hardware so it was always available on the cart.

I am suggesting we add the following hardware and software items to the cart.

We have one phone clamp that is useful for clamping both phones and the WyzeCams, and a couple more would allow both WyzeCams (which have no standard screw mounting holes) plus a phone to be easily held on either the tripods or on the Magic Arms.

We have 2 Magic Arms, each with 1 clamp. The extra arms allow for more flexible camera and lighting placements, and the extra clamps would allow for more direct clamping to the backdrop/overhead camera stand.

The existing WyzeCams work well for what they are, but now that Logitech webcams are once again available at normal retail pricing I recommend getting two. The WyzeCams do not allow for focus adjustment or zooming, and the lens is very wide with some fisheye distortion.

We don’t need the full bundle at $30 (unless we want copies of Painter 2020 and a bunch of filters). Currently at ~$10 we get copies of Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate (video editing software, admittedly duplication the function of Adobe Premier) and MultiCam Capture XL. Multicam will allow us to capture all of the inputs during a class or stream, not just the one active camera/audio feed that is the norm with OBS or Streamlabs. This will allow us to go back and edit/clean up with all of the original media being available, not just the one “live edit”.

Both Astrud and I personally find great benefit in using a wireless lavaliere/headset microphone. We have our own personal unit we regularly use, and I highly recommend that we acquire one at some point. This said, I debate the wisdom of a shared device like this at the current time considering the difficulties of properly wiping down/cleaning the hardware between users.

Comments, questions, suggestions as always welcome.