Stools for new Sherline Table


We’ll need three new stools for the table. It is basically the same height as the tall work tables in CA.

I’d recommend this type, because they are the right height, provide some back support, and will slide easily under the table. Send in your suggestions.


These are better.


Let’s see: $150 more, and made of materials which will give out in short order (fabric stains/rips/smells, polyurethane flakes off, gas tube dies in a year). No, I don’t think that counts as “better”.

There’s a reason schools use the shop stool that David pointed out. They’re virtually indestructible.


I agree, the Shop Stools are better. Remember these are in an area where everything gets greasy and tiny metal flakes are flying all over the place. These are easy to wipe down and keep clean.


They have stools similar to that in the pottery lab at Northlake
without backs, I took and taught classes out there in the 90s and
I think the same stools are still there!


Personally I recommend against stools of any kind. Not needed and it just clutters up the place. You don’t sit in front of the Bridgeport - why would you sit in front of the Sherline?


Fair enough. That saves some money that can be applied to a Jib Crane for lathe.


I suggest that stools be available. I have always sat down when using my Taigs and Sherlines, and frequently when using the Bridgeport as well. For instance, when working on cutting the gears, I sat (literally) at the Bridgeport for over six hours for each attempt.

If people don’t want to use the stools, they really aren’t in the way.


The Sherlines “seem” lower to me and it’s hard on back to bend over that much. However, I don’t use the Sherlines very much. I’d like to sit at the Bridgeport but I’d have to move too much to get to all of the switches and knobs. Why don’t we get just one chair and see if it is used.