Still need to empty the Felder

While the Felder has added a new dimension to Woodshop dust collection, it still needs to be emtied.

Just a gentle reminder!


And the bags get re-used, right?


How big is that bag?

I dunno, but it sure looks like a two-person lift!

my understanding is that they are reusable

  • Big enough it’s pretty important to have longer arms … they are rectangular which fits the bin, but makes for a difficult lift. Get help. If need be one can shovel/scoop into a round trash container on wheels to make easier to get to the dumpster and empty.
  • Yes, they can be heavy, especially when overfilled like those in the pic.
  • Yes, the bags are reusable until they get torn and then they aren’t. Last I knew, there are a few in the corner on inlet side of Felder.

Bin is now labeled.


Very much appreciated

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