Sticker sale until tomorrow (expires 6/21)

If you need stickers for your Etsy shop packaging, or if DMS wants a deal on 50 stickers, Sticker Mule is having another one of their great sales.

If you miss the sale and are interested in future notifications, you can sign up on their site. I got some for my blog and have been happy with the quality. This is NOT an affiliate link:

Have fun!


As a printer that is a good deal,
If you ordered the same product from me, we would beat that price per label at a quantity of 1000. So getting that price at 50 is pretty darn good. For comparison, I sell 1000 BOP 3"x3" roll labels at $322.40 or $0.32 each. This deal is $0.38 each at only 50.


I didn’t know you are a printer, @Nick. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I need a printer :grinning:

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Also, this is a short-time offer. They go back to regular price after tomorrow. They usually have one quickfire-type deal every few weeks.


My company has been around since 1969. We do all kinds of printing, but our real value add is handling and maintaining client artwork. As everyone can go to vista-poop and buy copies of terrible pixelated improper artwork. I work with clients to make sure what we are printing is going to look as good on screen as it does in reality. As most customers just grab low res pics from their website and wonder why they look like crap when printed. Plus, we offer options for printing or marking nearly any material or product given the right quantity of course. I like to tell customers we do anything from business card to billboards, you name it and we will get your brand on it!

Yeah roll labels go like that some times. They are funny product as 250 to 1000 cost nearly the same to produce as the majority of cost is just getting on press. But, the real sweet spot for pricing those is in the 2500+ range as bottom just drops out on the per piece price.

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Do y’all do low quantities such as 50 or 100?

Somethings yes,
I think I quoted a job for you a while back. But, I often suggest that clients try to get to the 500 quantity when possible as that is the typical point for paying for the item rather than just to get on press. But, as we do so many different products there is no single quantity that I can say is the cut off. Some items we even do as a qty of 1, like event tents and expo furniture.

This is one of the many things that can be done on a proper large format printer and plotter (vinyl cutter but bigger). Small runs of stickers are easy and quick to do and I can see a huge interest in using the printer for it.

Come to the SIG meeting Saturday where we will discuss the wants/needs of a new printer.