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I agree with @Photomancer and I said so in my original post. [quote=“coloneldan, post:25, topic:7833”]
but I see this as a way to build participation in electronics
[/quote] Creating ownership in a committee is a key ingredient to growing participation and improving the overall DMS experience. I also agree with @Nick that having to “lock” stuff up makes it more difficult to participate in electronics, but I also appreciate the necessity. It is just a shame that it has come to having to do so.

We have usually have 3-4 classes on the calendar, this month was a little light. I agree there should be more! I personally don’t have time to teach classes as I’m trying to keep the lab together.

Where Woodshop and CA are successful is that they have others beside the chairman teaching classes. Last year I only had time to teach 2-3 classes and have done none so far this year.

Unfortunately we don’t have the option of replacing loaned equipment with lousy replacements. The scope was loaned as well as the PCB Mill.

I don’t prefer to lock things up but the situation is forcing my hand. I’m pretty tired of walking the space looking for our stuff prior to posting on talk hey ya’ bastards what have you done with X.


I agree about there locks - I hate them but we are starting to have to use them. Considering a training class on the Roto-cutter and cutting mats. People don’t seem to know how to put them up after use … or clean up afterwards. Must insert RFID tag to release lock, then releases RFID after item is restowed (I know, a total fantasy).

When doing the RFID check outs can it interface with the camera system to tag the event to make it easier to find the video clips?

That really sucks. Any theft sucks, but gets worse in proportion to how expensive and essential the device, and of course the fact that the theft was made from a position of trust.
Not to be naive, but why steal from the space??? The gadget is right there, just come in and use it. Selling it probably gets a dime on the dollar and just makes it all the more infuriating.

I think fighting this type of theft / abuse is a form of social hygiene and is very much worth the effort.

Is there a group / meeting that focuses on loss prevention?


As there has been renewed interest in SMD/SMT work at the space, I’ll re-iterate my opinion that this is the best bang for the buck on a stereo microscope:

I’ve used this exact model at home for years and have been very pleased. Never regretted the expenditure.


This thead saddens me. If I I get a chance I will be contributing more.

Curious how would a tool checkout for meters and whatnot work?

There was talk of having some lockers modified with RFID tag readers and electric locks. Members would use their RFID tags to open the lock and check the tool out. They would be responsible for returning it in good operating condition.

I could live with that. It suggests to me that we would need the position of an auditor, someone who does a weekly/monthly inspection of said area to verify every thing is there.are no problems. Could have helped with the other stuff.I am a bitOCD so it woud be a good office for me when I am able.

We looked into a number of various ways to control the movement of bench gear including tethering gear to the bench. Overall it was deemed to much of a hassle. Also when the major thefts occurred the ELab had only one camera. We got a second camera which did not work reliably at first. I can assure you that both cameras work very well and are checked on a regular basis. And for those who think they can coverup their activities by turning off the room lights - think again.

Yes, we should remind them they have IR functions and can see in the dark really well, especially when they are watching questionable content on the computer. Gross!

Excellent!Still think the autitor .idea has merit assumming I can resume visiting on my own. I’ll just do it We are a docracy after all.

Ah, the classic we have a better barn door now that the horse has escaped. Security is always something we wish we had more of when something happens during those times where we think we didn’t need it.

In addition to the cameras that DMS has, how about some TV monitors in public places that display all the camera feeds, just to remind everyone to behave excellently.

My thought is no one noticed problems until it was much too late. I suspect It could happen again.A short list of equipment would assist track the chaotic dance of equipment a healthy Makerspace enjoys. Frankly I am astounded petty theft is not more of an issue,Who would notice one cheap DVM amongst so many? Speaks well of our associates. in the long run. As for security. People who care is the only real security.My Dad always taught me locks are for honest men.

Does every thing have a set place it is supposed to be kept at?. I will be continuing the thought of an audit, If the items have a home the is in clear view of the cameras this would simplify things a little.Something else, indelible labeling and tracking numbers, This is my meteorology background talking. ID numbers on equipment allow us to keep notes on said equipment As a machine maintenance type I found it useful to keep notes on equipment, even more so for calibrations and tracking trends of drifts.

Short answer: No. Even if we did, good luck getting members to put stuff back. Equipment gets moved around.

Most of the gear have serial numbers - listed on the tool wiki. Tools and some gear get marked w/ yellow - the committee color. Bottom line is Thieves don’t care.

I currently don’t see a need to do this. Calibration is checked once a year courtesy of a couple of members (Thanks!). I don’t think any member has ever requested NIST traceable calibration on any of the gear.

This thread has gone way off topic…

Ids are used for more When the calibration of equipment is performed you record the equipment used to check hat calibration. This isn’t just about thieves. It is a way of defining exactly what equipment you are talking about, much like The VIN on a car,We don’t have the resources to do proper meteorology procedure checking whether a piece o equipment meets specs an tolerances it is a good idea to identify which equipment was used and how,Do the DVMs in the standing toolbox have Serial numbers? I am of the impression they don’t. Lord knows I have been wrong before

One of the big pointsI’ve made we need to periodically see if the stuff is in the building Yes It will not stop theives but it will raise a flag while there is video footag of the incident. If you wish me to start new theads I will do so. I promised in my thread. Ihave had a stroke I will be a pest Since I cannot help in person I will do what I can, Which is admittedly not much.

Take a look at the tool wiki.

Options that looked cool to me: