STEM Summer Camp in Lewisville for the littles - I'm the director AMA

I wear many hats. One of which is now director of camp invention at Lewisville High School (I’ve been co-director and instructor for years…promotion holla) Camp Invention is a well oiled STEM machine. This summers theme is Elevate - all about the sky and launching - honestly the curriculum is top notch. A day full of activities and about a hundred and seventy of kids…plus me at the helm of it all with double coffees in both hands and aspirin in my back pocket. We take over an entire wing of the school with controlled (sometimes just on the line of controlled) chaos. Lots of laughs and lots of water fights and rockets and electricity and all sorts of crazy things. Anyways, if you’re interested I’m copying an email I just sent out below.

Our camp will be June 22-26th 9am-3:30 (extended day option available 7:30-5pm for an additional fee)

The cost of the camp is $235

Follow this link to sign up:

Please use one of the discounts available:

ELEVATE25 – For $25 off a camper registration until 03/31/2020

ELEVATE15 – For $15 off a camper registration until 05/12/2020

Two Siblings Discount: $25 off** each child; promo code SIBLING Valid all season

I’m currently searching for a camp parent – camp parent helps with PR & assists with different tasks in the camp (not instructing). If you or an adult you know would be interested please introduce me to them.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have!


Do you need teachers? I have a Montessori Elementary credential and background check. Plus, I love teaching kids STEM!

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At first, my glasses were fuzzing the letters, and I thought it said “Camp Intervention.”

But I’m REALLY glad you dropped the idea of bidding on the old-ass jail in Archer City, now.

This is the honest to goodness truth - every single one of my teachers from last year asked me to find a way to put them in (I’m sure it’s because I’m SUCH a good boss bahhahaha). BUT I know other camps will have needs. The tough part is getting in. Go to the website and you’ll see the dates and contact info for other sites. If I hear of anything I will let you know.

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The jail is SOSOOOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOOOOOOOO cool. But completely absolutely 100% impractical. Now a cute little building in Cisco Texas, that has me all excited hellloooooo art shop!!! I went out and saw the school in Cisco a few years ago…it was a disaster…surprised it’s still standing.

You should cast your net closer to home, woman.

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And I should be practical with my daily makeup application.
And I should wear pants when people are over at the house.
And I should stop yelling obscenities at giraffes in the zoo.
And I should pay my taxes.
And I should start a middle aged rage band with other teachers and we could call it “Plight of the Lost” where we create screaming ballads about kids who don’t have food or jackets.
And ya…I should probably not get lost in dreams of strangely cheap wonderfully charactered buildings…it’s what I do to relax.

But that’s not happening anytime soon. Onward and upward dreamers!


I used to use the Trulia app on my iPad to zone out. Pick a random place, then zoom in and start looking at houses for sale. But then they updated the app to having to input an actual city or zip code, and not feeding information outside of those exact parameters. So even though a city might be right next to another city, you couldn’t see what was for sale in the other. So, the thrill has been gone. A long time. Now I just read books.

They undoubtedly deserved it. What gives them the right to lord their tallness over the rest of us?

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The stone Archer City jail building will be a killer project (‘killer’=Fabulous!) for someone with deep pockets and the years to devote to it.

Archer City is Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry Country, And when he was younger and his bookstore was alive and robust, people came from all over the country, and all over the world to hang and browse his books. He was a legendary book buyer, buying en mass, so there was certainly plenty to dig thru and discover in all the book stuffed buildings.

But that was in the (fairly recent) past.
Nothing there now, but a black and white with shades of grey, dusty Texas Last Picture Show town…

Which does not mean this building couldn’t be a great long-weekend retreat place for someone, an art and writer’s residency program location, or just a super cool residence for someone who likes quiet and small town living :)) I hope it’s saved and loved.

The thing about that beauty is that the county doesn’t want it a residence or anything that they want to have it as some form of a public historical experience-mainly back to a museum. The kicker on top of that is it’s now belabored with three government oversight committees. A historical marker is enough for most people to throw in the towel - add two to it and your doing nothing except paperwork and reports for every decision. Not saying it’s not impossible but that beautiful baby is going to take SO SO SO much to get back up - and even when it is back up the expectations of the county will hinder how it will all go down…at least that’s the front they are putting up for prospective buyers.
They don’t want the items sold - they would need to be returned to the donors. But once papers are signed the agreements of all that might be worth nothing and the owner might have some moving room.
I walked around, took hundreds of pictures, had a full on tizzy fit about it. Washed my face and walked away from the dream of owning one badass building with a difficult future. I could hear @kpblitzen42 quite jail rage actually relax when I said “She’s not my lady”. I die hard on some dreams - I looked into grants, I looked into starting a nonprofit blah blah blah still not enough to get her off the ground.

It will be sold. It will have a transformation. But she’s not for me. If we could ditch the oversights and and be allowed to sell off the holdings to help manage the costs I would be interested.