Steel Plow discs?

Hi all. Does anyone live in a rural area and know where I can get my hands on some old used tractor plow discs? Preferably of the 19-21 inch variety? Looking to use them to make a few things for DMS. Either those or big used semi truck brake drums. I will pay. Keep in mind new ones go for ~$30 each. I would be a buyer at $10-15 each. I need 4-6 of them. There are some on Facebook marketplace but the cost of gas for me isn’t worth the price of driving for them. If you happen to live out yonder and have some nearby hit me up. I would pay a bit more for the brake drums but plow discs are preferred.


If you can find any out around Jacksboro, Decatur, bridgeport, Justin or Roanoke I will be out that way Sunday and Monday.

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