Steamroller printing event

Originally, the event was to be in mid-may. Then it got moved to this coming weekend.

It is now looking like it will move to early October, per event organizer, Terri Thoman. This makes -me- happy, as I was steeling myself for heatstroke without even a print to show for it. (Haven’t been able to carve without the work tables at DMS).

If you were signed up to participate, please keep an eye on your email for confirmation.

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Thanks Judy! I was wondering what was up with this.
Greg H

Well, good and bad. Good, because I wasn’t looking forward to standing outside in the sun, Bad, because I did finish my block. However, now I might have time to add more, maybe. I do want to bring it down to DMS to have someone with knowledge about steam rolling look at it. Tell me if I did it right and carved deep enough and applied the finish correctly. I’m wondering if the Printmaking committee will be around, are we allowed to assemble, not sure of all the rules?

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Assemble all you want, just stay safe and maintain about 6-10 ft of separation per person.

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