Status Of Large Format Printer?

Dose anyone know the status of the large format printer in Digital Media is?

And what the timeline for getting it functional is?

I am happy to help out in getting it up and running if that would help.

Well. Last I heard, @Evan_Lott and maybe @jsnowfreedman were kinda looking at it. In between other tasks. Maybe they have an idea of status and/or timeline?

The large format printer isn’t ready to use yet - it’s on my list.

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@Julie-Harris I was hoping to make some prints to sell before Halloween,

Is there any timeline for getting it up and running?

If you just need someone to delegate tasks to I am happy to help,
I have worked with inkjets before (tank and cartage based) as well as various other equipment repairs/maintenance.

Wondering if there has been any update to this?

I also was wondering how wide that printer was? I tried to find it on the wiki but no luck.


@bearaudio81 put some info out on Discord. It’s been moved to the Wet Classroom. It’s sort of working. You’ll need to bring a laptop, or access it from a separate laptop…

Hello all interested parties (writing this on my phone isnt easy),

the large format printer is no longer in DM. it is functional based on the driver set installed with the hardware of your choice. (ie your own laptop).

i have made it a public/member item so members can use it as needed.

it is located in the wet-room right off the central lobby.

please let me know if you have any questions.


Do you have a ballpark idea of how wide it is?

At least 36" wide, might go to 48". I believe it’s currently loaded with 24" paper.

On related note, I will drop off a couple of USB A to USB B (printer) cables to make it easier to hook up laptops .

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It is up to 44 in print area, but is loaded with smaller paper.
It works fairly well, there are some slight cartridge issues/color banding - so not quite up to the like poster printing quality it should be… But it prints schematics or outlines very well.

For what make/model of printer should we download drivers?


Fantastic! Thanks.