Status of drum sander?

Does anyone know if the drum sander is:

  1. Operational
  2. Has Sand Paper
  3. If The Paper Has Any Burn Marks On It?

I’m asking this prior to making the trip to the space to use it and potentially wasting the drive :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance

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It has been operational today.

If one of the other two conditions exist, feel free to change the roll.

It appears that someone is currently using it.


To those who want to use the Drum Sander [or are wondering why everyone asks if the paper is trashed], please read this write-up done several years ago.

It is important to take VERY LITTLE off, typically only 0.002"-0.006" [hardwoods I wouldn’t take off more than 0.004"]. But watch the feed logic and keep it under 4 bars [but with the use/abuse the machine sees the indicator might be off as well :slight_smile:]. Just remember to go slow - it is a sander, not a planner.



Just a thought…

What might your thought be? In English if possible.

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whoops…NO idea why that pasted in russian…that’s fun.

Anyhow! Powermatic drum sander for sale near lake dallas, 2650. Given the history of issues, wasn’t sure if it was something we’d be interested in.