Startup Ideas [My Weekend Project]


So I log all of my ideas in a Google Doc, over time it has become quite large and I realized most of these ideas I’ll never do. I figure most people have ideas they come up with, but lack the time or energy to work on them.

I made a little site this weekend called, it’s premise is simple: a user submitted idea that changes every hour.

I actually uploaded all of my ideas, which are the ones you’ll probably see first! It’s random though so who knows :smiley:

Let me know any comments or questions, got bored over the long weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the submissions moderated?


Yeah, I manually approve them. Source is at


Are you prepared for the flood of spam?


I ended up using go and sqlite for the project, the homepage can handle thousands of requests a second. However I think the submit page can only handle 1 submit every 10ms or something, sqlite has to lock write and unlock.

Moderation is limited by my time, who knows what’ll happen!

Also there’s a new idea!


Might be interesting to have a “This exists!” button or something. With a text field for visitors to link you where the project exists at.

For example the one up right now is for a date night subscription box. This exists and I have friends who get those monthly. I think the one they get is called Date Box.


Is the thought that someone would find an idea that they would like to take on? How do you know when it has been “adopted”. What about ownership of the idea?


URL:\creedthoughts :smiley: