Stained glass succulents

Now I have to learn stained glass. These are amazing.


Did someone say succulents :heart_eyes:


I’m a little behind. I just took a screen shot of that a couple of hours ago. I definitely need to finish my spider web from class and then try out this cool project.

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Dude, fuse them with a loop then string onto a dowel!

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This would be a good 3D stained glass class. I’ll work on getting one on the calendar!


I submitted a class for the terrarium for next Sat 18th. Watch for it!


Sweeeeeeeet :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I liked that bottom so much I made my own tonight :slight_smile:


Nice work!

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looks like there may be a problem with the class it says -2 people out of 5 signed up

Yes there’s a problem. There are 7 people registered and it’s still not listing it as Full.

@Team_Infrastructure could we get the stained glass succulents class on Saturday closed?

Jen, you might reach out to some people and ask if they can take the next class. It is because you put 5 free spaces and 0 paid spaces which means there is no limit. I’ll send you a PM with instructions for how to enter a paid class.
I will work on a video for how to enter classes soon.

I thought I put 5 paid and 0 free.
How is the $5 fee processed then? I thought I had it paid to DMS.

Can I watch :eyes::movie_camera:

Sure. It’ll be my first time teaching this class so it might be a little disorganized.


I’d like to watch as well. Very interested in this. Surely I can’t kill a glass succulent.

The class is for the succulent terrarium, just like the glass cube pictured above.

Oh, here was mine planted btw


Oh, dang. Thought it was for the succulents themselves. Wouldn’t mind knowing how to make the terrariums though. Pretty expensive to buy.