SRS Airbag Light


Did you happen to try shorting those pins mentioned and read the code via blinks?


I meant call me crazy several times over.
I bought factory service manuals whenever they were available for the vehicles we worked with. Particularly the electrical sections.
Printable PDF version were the best, as you could print out the pages needed and it didnt matter if they got greased in use.
Digital unprintable sucks. The Alldata I was exposed to was clunky to use compared to print. And, often didn’t have the info needed. This was about about a dozen or so years ago.


@Joval914 if you can do that, it will only give you more info to work with for when you visit Honda.


@Ferman yes, I did do the pin method and got no blinking. This means I need to reprogram my SRS crash module, but I’ve never been in a crash and my airbags have never been deployed…


If the light was on after the airbag was replaced due to recall, you shouldn’t be charged for them completing the work they should have done right the first time.

If the light was on before this work, well, you’ll probably have to pay the scan fee. See if you can negotiate it down. It never hurts to ask.


There’s often a way if you’re determined. One example is to run it in a virtual machine and screen print from the host.