SRS Airbag Light


So my SRS light has been on for over a year on my 2007 Honda Civic EX, I thought it had to do with the airbag recall but come to find out it’s still on after they replaced the passenger side. I have read that the seat belt sensors inside the buckles can fail. Does anyone have a OBDII reader than can find out SRS codes?


Several scanners at The Space, but I’m not sure a basic OBD2 scanner will detect the sensor failure.


@TLAR What is your plan for a better OBD-II scanner? I heard we’re getting one.


I wouldn’t mind having access to a VAG-COM.


I think I heard somewhere that Honda has a lifetime warranty on everything related to seatbelts.


I wish!! They told me it would be $90 for them to diagnose the problem. I know a basic one will not be able to tell me the codes either …


They might ask for a diagnostic fee but I heard (I think on an ETCG1 video) that Honda will replace any seatbelt part for no charge, no questions asked. I know it’s not what you’re asking though. Can’t help about a scanner; I’m still new here.


Thats not too bad of a deal


Airbags & seatbelts should be lifetime on most auto brands.
The real problem arises when the parts are no longer in production and there is no longer any inventory at the brand’s warehouses.

Re Scantool:
Looking at either of these 3.



The first one is a quick and easy, the second one has live data, third one a little more comprehensive.

The small relative price difference between the first and second would make the second one a better buy. The third one, while most comprehensive might not be something that can be fully utilized by most people. There are more expensive ones, but for general use, either of these will be more than enough.


Luke S.

In the expansion / New Year Automotive will be getting a few nicer and “better” things yes.
A professional / good diagnostic tool is on my list as a primary tool (use would be limited to a handful of trained folks to assist others so that the tool stays at the Space).

Not all scanners are the same, and don’t get them confused with code readers. Code readers are very limited compared to scanners.

For the VW/Audi folks - you (us) are lucky - Ross Tech is the way to go for Diag software on this side of the pond. And it is reasonable.

I am also looking into a live/online “help” type service like :
Identifix, Alldata, etc (there are others) for use in Automotive.


I can highly, highly recommend the Hondew Shop on Floyd Circle near TI, for all your Honda / Acura repair needs. Marshall has been more than fair to me and my kids on many occasions.


I use this:

combined with:

However, you might be able to do what is described on these pages to show the code:


Does the subscription service cost an “obscene” amount or more like a few monthly membership money? :smiley:
I was exposed to Alldata but without the help line part. I preferred a factory service manual. :expressionless:


depends on what you consider obscene.
some folks think spending $100 or so on a factory service manual is crazy…


lol. several times over crazy.



There is an old saying “you get what you pay for”

In this country and in terms of a printed (old school I know-but this is just an example) vehicle “service manual” folks often bought a repair book at their local parts store often printed by Chiltons or Haynes or similar. These were cheap, and covered basics but were not to be confused with “factory service manuals”. Not even close.
A late model VW (A5)repair manual from Chiltons is about $25 or from Haynes it is $10 (Amazon)
The same model VW (A5)factory service manual on amazon is $95 (Amazon)

The $95 service manual consists of 1352 pages with 2484 photos and technical illustrations

Definitely not the same quality information found in the $25 or the $10 “repair manual”

Some of us prefer a thing called “paper”


I also like PDF, as I can print out a copy to use while I work on the affected part without getting the book all greasy or dirty. :slight_smile:


I thought those service manuals came pre-greased? At least all of the copies I’ve see had it.


All I use at work is PDF manuals. I can search for terms to find what I’m looking for. Some of our factory manuals are not very well marked.


Thanks for everyone’s help! I think I’m just going to bring it to Honda after the New Year and pay the $90 diagnostic fee. I did confirm that Honda will replace any seatbelt/airbag system conponents free of charge. Thanks everyone for their input. If anyone does read this in the next couple weeks and has a OBD2 scanner let me know as I would like to try and diagnose myself if possible.