Sprinkler Repair

My sprinkler system needs some work. I have on circuit that is dead, probably a valve failure. Several that need replaced due my lawn service damaging them and most of them need adjusting because of root growth or some other cause.

I’ve put in a couple of calls already based upon Nextdoor recommendations in Carrollton, but I thought I ask if anyone at DMS has a superlative sprinkler repair experience that they’d like to share.

I could fix them myself and I have fixed several but I’m just tired of messing with them.

I can’t vouch for them, but the sprinklers in the yard the sign was posted in were all working.

Seems like a lot of people have had their grass die in spite of the sprinklers in their yard. The heat wave has been very hard on lots of grass and other plants. My garden was pretty much decimated even though I tried to keep it watered. 110 degree heat is just too hot for regular vegetable plants unless you take extraordinary measures.

Thanks for the tip.

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Yup. I flood-irrigated my small patch of random plants daily and they suffered nonetheless. Not sure they’re going to survive the winter.

Yeah, I’ve lost 8 60 foot pine trees.

Ouch. I’m merely looking at the possible loss of some strawberry plants. And the passing of a volunteer onion that sprouted on my counter and I took pity upon.

They are getting cut down later this week, before they fall on the house. They all shed (big >6" dia) branches during the windstorn last week.