Sponge Business Cards


I just read in Dark Pools (p. 220) about an executive handing out business cards that expanded to the size of a brick if they touched water.

Can we make those? I want some!


Something like this?


I do these for clients. They are compressed sponges that we print on. They come in large sheets already compressed and when you put them in water the binder keeping them compressed dissolves allowing them to expand into a sponge.

Here is what they cost.

If you want to make your own, here is where you can buy the sheets on amazon.

Once you have the sheets you can screen print on them. Also, I would bet you could laser cut them as well.

Also, here is a video showing them working.


@Print_Witch. New print class idea :grin:


Would be a funny thing to put on messes around the space. We could print DMS sponges that say don’t forget to clean up after yourself.


They better be big sponges then, so they take the hint :joy:


I thought you were going to say because we make such big messes…