/Spindle sander, needs TLC but not dead 2021/7/31

Last night I was showing someone how to change the spindles and noticed that the spring and pin for the lock fell out. Couple people looked at it but we could not figure how to put them back in. I put the spring and pin in an envelope and put it in the (donation box?) by the lathes. Well we were looking at it, someone noticed what looked like a crack in the steel plate were the spring would be.


I’ll look at in this afternoon


FYI, please don’t put non-monetary things in the tombstones. Only the treasurer has access and only when we do cash counts. Ian and others generally don’t have access.

However, as luck would have it, we did a cash count last night and I believe the envelope was put in the woodshop mailbox in the common room.



@j801496 Thanks for the report.

@got_tools thanks for checking it out.

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So it’s a simple pressure fit pin that a spring goes around and pressure fits into the carriage pieces so when your press it in the pin prevents rotation and then the spring provided the pop out force sliding the pin and carriage assembly out! And the plate cause I’d talk to jet a long while back about it, they don’t or won’t sell just that plate we’d have to but the entire top spindle carriage assembly so basically when turned on the black part you see moving up and down, we’d have to buy everything from that black part upwards to fix the broken plate

This spindle sander is going to need some further testing. The bearings feel like crap. The next step I’d do is isolate the motor from the transmission to find out which bearings are actually crap.

No not today either, it is something that will need to be done as some point in the future.

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Also me and Andy noticed it but it appears the entire casing is filled with oil vs the middle of the sight window like it should be so that might be the cause of the feeling of it being off but we weren’t sure what to do about it as we couldn’t drain it and refil to proper level due to not knowing what oil to replace it with but yea whenever it was filled they filled the whole casing up

Another likely case of PM not being followed. We really do need to begin discussing how PM can be accomplished by the rank and file member after some training. I expect many folks would gladly lend a hand if there was a specific process/schedule to follow and they had a bit of training. Time to spread the love pain around:)

So, inquiring minds want to know – is the spindle sander functional? Or dysfunctional?

Operational without risk of causing damage to the machine but in need of some tlc basically same as the powermatic before repairs technically it works but there are some items pretty high on the to do list needing to be done

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