Speed up production and ease of use

So with pressing t-shirts (S and M) and even larger shirts - is there an insert you can use to insert into the shirt and then place on the press - to make it quicker and easier to line things up? With the smaller shirts - it’s hard to stretch them over the bottom - just curious if you can use a cardboard insert to make it easier - or some other material.

That’s interesting, because I never stretch my shirts over the bottom. I lay them on the press, “iron” them for the few seconds to flatten it out. Fold it in half vertically, then press it again so I have a center line to place the vinyl on, then add the vinyl and do the final heat press.

I’m doing dye sub - you will have bleed through to the other side of the shirt possibly. So you either have to stretch it around the bottom or insert of piece of paper inside.

Whoops! I totally misread your question! sorry about that!

I didn’t specifically say dye sub in my post - just in that section of the forum - no worries!!!

I would think cardboard should be fine. It wont combust at those temps.

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Hey Brian,
Card board would work OK, but will wear out. A silicone baking sheet works impressively well. You can buy and cut to what ever size you need and it can hand all the heat you throw at it. Stiffer does tend to be better, because fishing a shirt of some thing floppy really stinks.