Special meeting (Luke Strickland)


The board of directors met yesterday in a special meeting at Luke Strickland’s request. We spoke at length about the pros and cons of his resigning from the board due to his recent move to PA. The entire BoD wants Luke to remain a member of this board. During this time we feel it is critical that having a board familiar with everything we are in the midst of is more important than being in state. We support Luke and want to let the membership know. Thank you.



This made great sense.

Luke has been an active board member. Now just a bit farther away.

The flip of that is some form of a special election which in terms of cost is just like a normal election with notices being snail mailed out to all members. The last election that cost was about $1,200.

Then there is 30 days notice.

Then there is the required membership quorum.

So, functionally if Luke had resigned yesterday. If we hustled we could have a replacement board member in November.

A couple months to get their feet wet.

AND there is stuff happening and decisions to be made NOW.

It was gracious to have Luke agree to stay.