Special BMW Parking


So I’m ok when people do this to avoid door dings, but only when they park way back in of the parking lot, like you have a nice car people are stupid and fling there doors open I get it but you’re a d*** if you do this in the front! If you do it way I’m the back where there’s no cars I totally get that

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I actually had a nice new car - my dad suggested, only half-jokingly, that I should hang boat bumpers on the car in parking lots.

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I need to dig out my picture of one doing this in a handicapped space (with no qualifying tag or plate.) It may have been a Maserati, though.

Haha jokingly tie it off everytime you parked it and got like

They deserve to have their windshield vasalined
No damage done to their property but it would take hours even with soap and a pressure washer to get it off so no harm but equal inconvenience served

Many moons ago, in my misguided youth, I would carry a valve stem removal tool at all times in my vehicle.

I’ll just step back and let your mind fill in the blanks from there, LOL

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Same. There’s so much fkn parking in most lots that you don’t even need to park at the literal back of the lot 99% of the time - just a half dozen spaces out from the last car.

Or you can do like a former coworker who randomly started doing that sht at the front of the lot and wondered why their vehicle was featured in building-wide emails of escalating tone threatening to have them towed (lease violation) and/or ticketed (illegal per city code). They finally grudgingly did the math (extra hilarious since they had a financial planning side business) and figured the low risk of door dings cost less than the real costs of paying for recovery and/or fines. Of course parking at the back of the lot where there was always elbow room to spare never occurred to them.

Towing probably risked a lot more than just dings.

And parking further out on the lot probably resulted in a serious reduction in risk of getting keyed.

I personally would have laughed harder if the offending vehicle were an Audi…

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Oh yeah. Tow truck operators doing an involuntary removal aren’t always gentle.

It’s the obvious thing to do, but that meant the insufferable burden of walking further.

I mean, why the f*** did I buy a BMW to begin with? Certainly not to walk!

I had a friend that worked for BMW until last week when he quit. He gave no indication he was leaving…

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See that’s short game anger, like you have a flat tire you’re angry for a little bit till you pop on a spare, plus they have to get a new one!
You make someone frantically try to remove vasaline from their windshield so they can see in a parking lot full of people which are already starting at them cause they triple.parked right in front! Thats the type of embarrassment that teaches lessons! And literally no harm done except their arm muscles and their obviously overinflated egos

@MadScists when I was a child, many many many moons ago, we didn’t have a stem removal tool. We just put a rock in the valve cap and screwed the cap back on, then we looked on from afar laughing as we watched people changing their tires in the parking lot of the apartments we lived in. lol cops eventually caught us, and man we got in trouble. Too bad we didn’t know enough back then to target just the parkers taking up enough space for a 20 horse-team wagon. The Karma that came back as an adult was 10 fold lol

Not really, and for a couple reasons…

1.) I never stopped at just one. So simply popping on a spare wouldn’t fix the problem since most cars only come with a single spare.

2.) If they went and bought new tires, then they become a victim of their own stupidity or a tire shop of ill repute took advantage of them and instead of just charging them $15 for four new valve stems and some air, they hit them for four brand new tires when there was actually nothing wrong with their tires to begin with.

So it was kind of like adding Financial injury due to stupidity to insult, also due to their own stupidity.

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Yea but see all those has some form a damage done. Other than laugh I dont think the police would do much after good old m Vd up windshield plus you’d be to slippery to catch anyways