*Spaces Still Available* Dye Sub 101


Yesterday I posted two “Dye Sub 101: Bring Your Own Shirt” classes on the calendar. They should show up Saturday afternoon. The dates are Monday, October 23rd at 7pm, and Saturday, October 28th at 10am.


So I saw a spray that you can use for dye sublimation. I realize it’s probably not great. BUUUUUUT - could one spray that on ceramic pieces?
I saw a slab (flat) ceramic map (Imagine each state cut out like a puzzle) and I thought it would be cool to transfer a picture onto each state. That or something like an ornament.

I’m sure this project is already overly complex - one could also do a simple image transfer on a laser cut wood for the same effect and it be like 1/2 the process if not less.


As long as you can get a consistent smooth coating on the piece, and it can go into the heat press, then you could transfer an image in theory. Your mileage my vary in practice.


I’m going to have to try dye sub and ceramics.


The classes are available for sign-up.


Spaces are still available.


@CaryF300 I’ve been looking for dye sub classes a long time, then missed them being listed! Any plans for more classes in the near future? Thanks


There will be two in November, but I’ve got to figure out when to fit them in. I’ve got a couple of trips planned for this month.


Any in December? Someone asked me if the space has “direct to garment” printers? Not sure what that means. Thanks!


Probably not any classes in December from me. I’ve got too much going on in December to commit to anything. The Makerspace does not have a Direct-to-Garment printer.