Southwest Association of Turners Symposium

Anyone going down to Waco for the SWAT symposium in a couple weeks? I am thinking of driving down and wondering if anyone else was planning to go.


@jeffbob has a table, and I will be there with him. I believe Jimmie is a regular attendant.

This will be my first time going.

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Its a blast! Ill be out of town or I would be there for sure. I would suggest staying overnight, but the hotels nearby are likely booked by now. I stayed across the street at Courtyard Marriott and it was fine.

Definitely work in some time to wander around the vendor areas. There are great deals and they get better after lunch on Sunday. Everything from $2 chunks of whatever wood to $200 burls. Have fun. Bring back skillz.


Can I go for a day or is the registration ($140) for the whole event the only way to get in? Website/handbook isn’t really clear.

Yes, you can go for a day for classes, and I think there is no charge for entering the sales area to check out the vendors.
Kind of hard not to go when it’s an easy day trip.
Regards, Ed

There is no charge for visiting the vendor area, but there is a charge for any/all workshops. I hope it’s okay to post this: This is the site for the Southwest Association of Woodturners. You will find just about everything you need to know on that site, including a list of the workshops offered, the demonstrators and a list of vendors (see the handbook).

There are no more hotel rooms available for the SWAT discount, but you can find rooms in hotels all over Waco. Plus, it’s not that far to drive if you just want to go on Saturday (which you can).