Source for Router Bits and End Mills - wood & metal

Molza Tool is a family owned US manufacturer of carbide router bits and end mills. I was buying their bits from their eBay store personally and had found them to be both high quality and better pricing than most other sources. I contacted Molza and asked if they might be willing to supply DMS and they made an amazing offer to sell to us for cost of materials and shipping since DMS is a non-profit. We buy all of the up spiral, down spiral, and compression mills used on the Multicam from them now. They also supply the metal industry for those looking for tooling for that really “hard wood”!

While it would not be fair to Molza Tool to turnaround and sell these to members for their personal use, I would like to encourage those who do buy carbide tooling to check with them to see if they can supply your needs directly. Since they are a custom manufacturer who traditionally works one-to-one with users, they do not provide a catalog for online shopping.

Here’s how to do business with them:
Call direct to inquire about types and pricing: (714) 892-4544
Check their eBay Store for periodic offerings:
Their website provides info about the company:

These guys are being very kind to DMS. Please consider them for your personal needs as well.

Bert Rabbe
Multicam SIG Leader