SOS From Dallas Animal Services

Dallas Animal Services has posted a SOS for Help. They need 75 medium and large Dogs to be taken out of the shelter Immediately.

Either go there and pick out a dog to Foster for a few weeks, or go and Adopt.

Notify Front Desk that you want to Foster and they will get you signed up into their foster program ASAP. They also have supplies for Fosters, as long as supplies last.

They are disinfecting the shelter constantly so it is probably the cleanest city building in city gov :)) So it is Safe to go there and Adopt or Foster.

Please Share among friends, co workers, social media, and Nextdoor pages. IF the City Of Dallas closes all city buildings to public access for a few weeks or a month, they want the shelter to have as Few dogs as possible for the reduced staff to take care of. If they can’t find temp foster homes or permanent adoptive homes, they will EU.

I am on a day/night job booking thru Monday. Late Monday, before the shelter closes, I am going to DAS to pick out a dog to foster :muscle::dog2::heart:


DMS Folks, this is still an Urgent Need.
Many wonderful people have stepped Up
To foster and adopt medium and large size dogs from Dallas Animal Services.

Unfortunately, INTAKE of surrendered, abandoned, and stray Dogs never Ends and never sleeps :(( It’s the Dallas City Shelter and they Can’t Close (for virus concerns). If that Does happen, people will just drive by and dump their dogs in the parking lot as they continue their hunt for toilet paper.

64-91 dogs are being surrendered (dumped) to shelter intake every day, 7 days a week.

So please, if you like dogs, if you Love dogs, even if you have a dog or three, please consider Fostering a dog for a few weeks, a month, to help save a dog’s life. The more dogs that are Out of the shelter for a few weeks, or a month, the Less dogs that will need to be EUed by shelter personnel because resources (room, employees, people visiting to Adopt) are reduced during this time.

Don’t even look :eyes: on the DAS website for a dog ‘you like’, just Go Down In Person and a Shelter coordinator will be thrilled to Match You Up with a Great Dog that needs a Foster Home, or New Permanent Home if you want to Adopt.

Step up and Step forward.
And please Share this info.

** If you live in another city, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington, Denton etc etc

EVERY City Shelter and Every Dog Rescue Group is in the Same Situation.

Please contact your city shelter and Ask How You Can Help :dog2::+1::heart:

I look forward to seeing everyone back in DMS soon! Hope everyone stays healthy and has great projects and stories to share when we see each other again :))

My best to all,