Sooey....Sooey....Sooey..Calling all PIGs

Calling all PIGs.

We need you…
We need to have someone to grab the pig by the ears.

We need to get the PIG unstyed. Let’s get the PIG sig organized and setup. Let’s get it moving in the right direction.


For clarification … Plastics Interest Group; i.e., PIG. The name just stuck.



…and you’re welcome… :wink:


Thanks you!!! I was sooooo confused when I saw this post yesterday. :thinking:

I’ve been waiting for the some plastics love to happen!

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I would like to be involved in the pig sig.

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YES! I am a Razorback fan!!!



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When I was at UofA Law school working on an LL.M

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This all seems a bit sus-phobic to me.

LOL! Love it. Sooiee me, baby!

I am still kind of new… what in particular does Plastics Interest Group do?

Since it’s brand new, it hasn’t really defined itself well. It’s intended to provide capabilities to cut, mold, form, and/or machine various plastics (and possibly TBD composites). Plastic has always been somewhat of a step-child; not having dedicated capabilities like wood or metal.

It will become more or less whatever the Interest Group members want it to be.

I’m glad you asked. As Chris pointed out, it’s still in its infancy. The whole purpose to make this post was to get people involved & curious.

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I find the shapeoko XXL would be very useful for a lot of us. Any meeting to plan stuff coming up?

Wooooi pig soooie, razorbacks!!! #alum #UofA

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Im interested ! :grinning:

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Based on how much plastics work I do I think I am required to be involved :smiley:

I am interested.

I’m interested - how can i help

Alright ladies & gents. This weekend we are going to have a combined Machine Shop & PIG sig meeting. I would love for those who are interested in PIG sig be there & or have input.

What we need? We need someone who is willing to step up & become the Chief Oink. Someone who will grab the PIG by the ears.

We need to define what our goals are for the SIG. What classes should & could be taught in the subject matter.

We need to define & setup layout of how the sig will be. Who is willing to teach classes? You dont have to be an expert at any of the subject matter.