Someone shit and let it lay in electronics…

…and left the soldering iron on. That is all.


I’ve noticed that this is a recurring issue. Almost every time I go into the EE lab at least one of the soldering irons has been left on… There was one day a couple weeks ago, That I noticed they had all been left on for at least two hours without anyone using them :confused:

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Page two of the manual here has instructions for how to enable the auto-power off mode, so that the iron will turn off after some programed time between 0-30 minutes after it’s placed in the stand.

400F is the standby temperature so it looks like the stand is connected and working, presumable the auto-off is just disabled.


There is no cable running between the holder and the base unit. The auto-off can’t possibly be functional.

Configuring the auto power off would be a good idea. About twice a year, with my home soldering station, I’ll do some work, shift gears to insulation and/or mechanical assembly, and flat out forget I was soldering by the time I leave the workbench. Usually it comes to me several hours later that I should check. So far, the Weller has shut itself off, and I will turn the switch off, so it isn’t at risk of turning back on with the next power glitch.

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Huh. Like I said 400F is the standby temperature, which afaik is only activated by the switch in the stand, so I assumed it was wired correctly.

If the cable is missing then maybe it’s nearby, or Art could order another. I believe it’s a pretty standard 1/8" TRS type of thing.

It’s literally not connected. There is a 1/8” Jack on the back of each with no cable between them. I liked and didn’t see any nearby.

the auto-off feature was the primary reason I bought a couple of the Hakkos. But of course it needs the cable to the holder. But even then I think they can auto-off based on time.

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Bought something like this for Science after someone left the hot plate on:


I bought these for all of the soldering irons and glue guns at the office:


Timed outlet has bee proposed in the past. The children characters who leave a mess on the bench will simply bypass it. “I don’t have time to deal with this and my time is more valuable
than that of others.

I can review the video and send you a mug shot…


The can of deox and screw drivers might have been me as we were debugging the Felder last weekend. Pretty sure I didn’t use the irons though :slight_smile:

There’s been some ongoing issues. Soldering stations left on. Various bench gear left on.
Tools missing - possibly migrating to other areas on the campus. The Greenlee wire strippers are missing. They’re the ones I use for changing out the lites.

Moving on - do I need to order more deox, other chemicals for the ELab?

I would appreciate if we could get some more solder paste. Preferably not in the big containers, but maybe more in syringe format (because it makes it easier to apply and it lasts longer/ is less wasted in small form factors)

This is the most obvious trap Ive ever seen. They barely even tried to make the irons look like loli-pops

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It really needs to be refrigerated. Should we consider one of those Peltier six-pack sized refrigerators?


lol yep that’s what happened in Science… unfortunately there’s an “always on” setting that bypasses the timer.

I think we can make a deal w/ Science for a small space in their fridge if we get that kind of paste.

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Check out what I installed in Jewelry, look at the two wood tables that sit out in the open. I installed a similar version that cannot be bypassed, it is part of the electrical outlet. These switches are available at Home Depot.