Someone hire me for random days this summer


I’m just going to try this - see if it pans into anything.

I want few hours and ridiculous high pay (but what’s wonderful is I’m a teacher so I get impressed pretty easily) I work three separate camps this summer so my schedule is a strange one to work around but I can still make it work.

I would like to make enough extra money in one summer to hire someone to paint my ceiling, possibly paint all my trim outside to make my house sing, paint a few high vaulted walls that aren’t for normal ladders, and possibly put down wood floors. I want to achieve this in two months so I need to get a side gig (on top of my side gigs) to make this happen. You’re saying “why don’t you just DIY this” well I’m going to see if someone can do it faster and better by handing them money and see how that goes down. I am serious about getting a little side gig if anyone knows anything that they think I could fit let me know.

Not willing to be a drug mule but everything else is a probability.

Good with kids - even better with drag queens.



That’s a bold statement right there.



I mean, IT IS a bunch of trim work that needs to be done. From strange green to bold black. Waaaapow

I should state that I’m not desperate for money. I make a good living. My son and I are very happy and I provide for us yadda yadda.

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Are you any good with a shovel??

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Could I hire you to paint MY house? :grin:

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And VERY discrete… :slight_smile:
( I hang around with writers a lot… )



For that kind of digging you really need a back hoe and a full moon. I an thinking about something a bit more precision, Like “find the waterline”.



… as opposed to the usual spade, roll of used carpet, and sack of lime?



Have you thought about teaching some encaustic classes?

Failing that, how are you at helping a fellow pack rat get rid of crap? I can be totally ruthless with other people’s crap, but making decisions about my own is paralyzing.

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Ya I need to bring up some stuff for us to play (outside of a class) when are you free?

I don’t know if I’m any good at helping anyone destash but I’m willing. When I was in my first house I made a lady-gang where we would come in as a group into someone’s house with a project in mind and work for a few hours…like Tina wanted to clean out her garage so we all went over and cleaned her garage together for three hours. It was quick work, I called up everyone and we painted the super tall upstairs playroom - took like an hour with everyone working. Anyways, it was a cool way to get things done. I’ll come over and help you organize any day of the week in exchange for dance lessons…sound like a deal?

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Isn’t knowing a pig farmer the really honest way to dispose a body? What book was that in

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Or a wood chipper. Ala Fargo.



So, I guess that is a no on the shovel??



It was in the movie Snatch.

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Knowing the pig farmer leaves too broad of a trail. Fortunately there is a serious over population problem with feral pigs. Just find some thick woods with pig sign and remain anonymous. :grin:

Russell Ward



Pigs don’t digest teeth.

Gators are better.