I couldn’t make it up there last night but I’m headed to Tanner’s now and would LOVE it if someone could meet me at the space to let me in and get me a key fob sorted out. I’ve gone through the member portal to get my account paid up but didn’t see anywhere to select/activate my old key fob so I’m assuming it’s easier to just get a new one?

It is indeed. Ring the doorbell and someone will let you in. The new fob is self serve, so you need only grab one and activate it to your account.

I pm’d my phone. Im here.

You can go to Maker Manager and reactivate your old one.



Thanks, I’ll get the old one working again.


Grab one from where? I’m in but don’t know where they are…

With the common room cleanup over weekend, you may need to look around. There was a wooden box next to one of the computers with the fobs in them.

Thank you!

The box is on the end of the tables with the PCs, right next to the two Jump Server PCs with RFID readers. It’s super easy now to login to one of those, open up maker manager and then add your new badge by scanning it (instead of trying to read the tiny, poorly written numbers).

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It took you two months to get from Tanner’s to DMS? I think you went the long way around. :slight_smile:


Minor flaw – those computers seem to be hooked up to the JumpServer, which seems to be spastic. I have learned that I might as well log in as myself. After all, I definitely remember my user name and password, so if it doesn’t work for me, there’s no point in frustrating some poor new member who thinks the problem is theirs.

Previously, the 2 computers against the north wall also had RFID reading capabilities. Some day when I find that round tuit, I’ll look for the cables that I don’t recognize well and put the readers on a more reliably accessible computer.

those thin clients actually can do local web browsing as well without Jump; we should probably list the key command for it on a sheet with the computers


Would we be able to do that without logging in? I am assuming that it’s a JumpServer issue when they won’t let a person log in.

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You would not need to login; it’s the local rpi web browser on the device. We used to actually switch the mode from RDP kiosk to web browser for our nights and other high traffic times for signups. Not sure if we’re still doing that or not


Awesome, right now I think the only PC without login requirements is the Linux Mint one on the end. If someone remembers the command to switch the jump server thin clients over to local browser mode, let me know and I’ll get a sign made.

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I could make sure that happens on Thursdays before I run off to Ceramics.