Some RTOS questions

Are any of the following RTOS’ still in use? Or have they gone by the wayside?

LynxOS, VXWorks, pSOS, QNX


from Wikipedia:
In February 2000 Integrated Systems Inc. was acquired by Wind River Systems, the originators of rival RTOS VxWorks. Despite initial reports that pSOS support would continue, development was halted.

Wind River still has a website so looks like they are alive. I used them both back in the last century.

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I encounter QNX and VXWorks stuff fairly regularly.

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My company has about 400K servers running psos world wide. The systems have been selling since 1998 and we still sell some every year. Even though psos has not been enhanced in many years, our application is alive and well with new releases every year. Just goes to show that an OS does not need to constantly evolve (and introduce vulnerabilities).


VXWorks is alive and well in some of our subsystems!

But, Linux is creeping in, as it does. There is full blown Linux in some of our deploys, and these geniuses in the head shed are even contemplating AI. I can’t wait, this will be easy.


VxWorks is being used on a project at my contract gig.

2 Likes is here locally in the metroplex and one of their guys hangs out on the Dallas ARC .88 repeater in the morning commute

If anyone wants to do a presentation on RTOS at an upcoming DMS Coder Night it would be greatly appreciated.