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I received notice that SolidWorks 2021 license is about to expire and will be replaced by SolidWorks 2022. Do we have the 2022 license? If so, will I still be able to retrieve projects created under the now expiring 2021 license? Do I need to re-register and download SolidWorks 2022 on my home computer?

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Here’s some background information.

To answer your questions:

  1. They’ve always made the newest version available to us since we’ve started our relationship. You probably don’t need the newest features, so you can keep using the 2021 version until your one-year expiration date. When it expires, you can renew with the 2021 or 2022 version – whichever is available at the time.

  2. To my knowledge, Solidworks is always backwards-compatible with the previous year’s version. Files may “upgrade” to the newest version (if you’re using it) when you re-save them, but that’s the worst that happens.

  3. You’ll need to re-register and download the latest version of Solidworks when your one-year license expires on its anniverary.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Just one note: You will not be able to open your SolidWorks files using any computer at DMS. We don’t have the current version installed. The latest version can open files created by earlier versions but not the other way around.

So work at home but be sure to save in a generic format (stl, dxf, etc., depending on type of work) before arriving at DMS to laser, Multicam, print, etc.


Alternatively, connect remotely to the jump server and work on your files on DMS’s copy of Solidworks. Your files will already be stored at DMS and you can make changes should you need to.

I’d generally rather shoot myself than use SW remotely but yes, that works in a pinch. But it still means you can’t work on those files at home on your own copy of SW.

Tends to be my default if I am going to use the files at DMS these days. I don’t bring in flash drives anymore, just pop everything I need over onto the jump server. I can access it easily enough at home.

Yeah but you can’t edit it at home unless you log into the jump server. The entire software version situation sucks and has for years.

Indeed. Backwards compatibility is always a difficult issue. But alas we must make some concessions in the name of progress I suppose. To the average user, 2016 version is identical to 2021 version of SW.

Is it possible to get SW 2022 on the server so there isn’t this compatibility issue?

This has been discussed in other threads. The short answer is that we have permission and a code from Dassault for installing a newer version on the jump server, but our team won’t deploy it until we upgrade the jump server to a newer software platform.

Boy, we’ve really hijacked the OP’s questions into a completely different topic.

If I’m not mistaken, its because newer SW wont work on Server 2012. I just looked up & 2016 is the oldest supported version with new SW.