SolidWorks integration to equipment that is on site

It looks like there’s some stuff fully operational in the space and some stuff that is sitting in pieces so I’m trying to wrap my head around this a bit more. Also - if something I’d like to use is in pieces, who would I speak with about getting the parts or doing the work necessary to solve the issue? Recently I hired some good help and I also purchased SolidWorks. Is there anyone that would be knowledgeable enough about the DMS and equipment on-site that could tell me which pieces would integrate with SolidWorks?

Are you talking about computer equipment?

Well the software will allow me to upload into:
CNC, 3d printers, other automated or smart fabrication things too.

What is it that’s in parts?

No David, no magical uploads to be found. Sounds like you are just beginning your CAD journey. There is a whole additional class of programs between CAD and the controllers of all these machines called CAM. As you learn all of this technology, everything will become clear to you.

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Hey that’s cool and I can appreciate what it might sound like but I’m actually not doing any of this on my own, I’m paying people to do it for me and bring some stuff to life. This will include building things on a relatively smaller scale first to sort of get a tactile sense of the problem we are attempting to solve through innovation and engineering!

Oh I saw this huge Machine that looked like it could fabricate metal parts but it looked like it was down. It’s in the machine shop where all those drill presses are

The pros you will be engaging should have this knowledge, or know where to go. This is one of those areas where a little bit of knowledge is sometimes worse than none at all. There are so many variables to consider it can be difficult for pros to keep up on everything. Pros will have a network of other experts to call on that is only developed over time. Trying to manage tech projects without actually knowing the underlying tech is usually a hope and pray endeavor for most managers. Hire well, compensate appropriately, and step back. Good luck.

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Ah. The Haas. I’m not sure where its functionality is at this moment. If it’s not working, then Machine Shop is undoubtedly fixing it. Check the Machine Shop category for any threads about the Haas.

I don’t keep track of Machine Shop. Things break and they get fixed.

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Ok thanks!

Great advice thanks so much!

For what it’s worth, please read this:

Wow that’s pretty great - would this only be allowed in the space or could we use this at home?

For CAD, the version on the jump server can be accessed from anywhere and can be used for commercial purposes (I believe), if needed.

For CAD, the student/maker license is downloaded to your personal computer (Windows-based) and can be used anywhere you take it.

For CAM, we only have the student/maker version available.

Get your green dot (look it up) and then contact me for your student/maker license. I’m assuming you’ll need CAM.

You can use it at home. It’s fully functional but is an academic version not licensed for commercial use.

This is actually the best community ever.

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