Soldering iron for one handed person

I have just ordered this soldering iron.

While it should work for someone with one hand, we’ll see.

Could someone recommend a percentage AC power reducer to go with this iron, which is not temperature controlled?

I am also trying to contact Art, who is in the electronics committee. So here is a WAG, @artg_dms. Once given permission I will donate this iron to the space so that I may use it there. If some yahoo ruins it, I’ll just buy another and keep it safe at home.


That’s pretty neat.

For something like this, we could rig up a normal triac dimmer to an outlet in a box. I’d hesitate if it was digital or the spool was motorized, but I’m guessing it’s just brute-forcing the heater coils and the 30/60W switch just takes a coil out of the circuit. A dimmer should regulate the power enough for simple heater coils.

Think that might work for you?


Triac light dimmer is probably simplest way to go. FYI ELab has a 10 A variac w/ plug outlet on it. A bit of overkill, but it would get the job done.

We can probably find a place to store your soldering station in one of the roll around cabinets.


So, I have you now. Never give a *itch your true name.

Seriously, up to now I have been focusing on the 3D Fab dept. Time to get back into electronics. I have reached a point where I can function as a tech (I hope). I will be asking permission for several things, while nothing comes to mind ATM, it will.

Thank you. I have an odd sense of humor, which you will see from time to time.

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