Soldering a heating element connection

Recently the extruder on my XYZ Davinci 1.0 printer stopped extruding. It was making a clicking sound while attempting to load additional filament. I took it off of the transport carriage and discovered a piece of filament lodged in the extruder barrel. I then heated the element and removed the piece of filament.

Unfortunately, while doing this I managed to break off one of the connections to the extruder. (A common problem I understand) It is encased in silicone and a heat resistant insulation. The break is close to the extruder so I know it will be hot, possibly up to 260 deg C. It will also be difficult to reconnect I suspect.

I think 60/40 solder melts at 188 deg c, so that is not an option to solder the wire back on. The extruder is capable of 260 deg C and normal extrusion for ABS is over 210 deg c.

I can buy a replacement element for about $4.50 but I wanted to inquire if there is another solution to solder or connect the part. (While I wait on the replacement)

I’ve attached a picture of the the broken one and the replacement parts. It is

If you are able to reconnect it, it’s really likely that it will fail again.

The better bet is to just replace the cartridge.

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Mechanical connections (crimping etc) are preferred in high temp applications. If you could do that, it would suite you best.

Failing that, there are high temp solders, or you could technically braze it or something, but I’d agree with ordering the new one. If you just wanted to play, try Aluminum Bronze and braze it. I’d imagine it would work if it didn’t damage the element as bronze and Aluminum have decent electrical conductivity and you are just restively generating heat in any case.

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I ordered the replacement off of eBay this morning. Thanks all for your advice.

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