[Sold] PowerSpec Duplicator i3 Mini V2 3D Printer - $50

I’ve upgraded to a bigger 3d printer, so I’m sadly giving up my beloved first. It’s a PowerSpec Duplicator i3 Mini V2 3D Printer purchased from Microcenter one year ago. This is the perfect starter 3d printer and is an inexpensive way to jump into the hobby. A side note: it’s insane how reliable this one has been, I’ve never had to take it apart. Did I mention it has a heated bed? It does need a new hot end, but it will at least get you through a while before replacing it with a fresh one.

It comes with the original packaging and nearly all of the included accessories. I wanted to offer it up to some awesome MakerSpace people first. I’m asking for $50.

1 x PowerSpec 3D Printer
1 x Filament Spool Stand
1 x Power Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x 1GB MicroSD Card
1 x Scraper (replaced with a new one)
1 x PTFE Tube
3x Hex Key Set
2 x Cable Ties
1 x 10m PLA Filament
1 x Spare Print Bed Mat
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Levelling Card


its the mirror image of the monoprice m3v2, and i concur they work without issue, its just a 4 inch cube roughly for output. good luck!

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@QuantumCheap Quantum if there have been no takers, ill take it this week

I had just sold it yesterday and came on to update the post. But thank you for asking and for your support!

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