Snowing tomorrow... classes still happening?

A little concerned about the weather tomorrow and having to drive in the snow (aka ice/sleet in Dallas) to the ceramics class tomorrow.

Are you still planning on having the class @AvalancheOfFox?

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Do you know your teacher’s name and user name? Perhaps sending a pm would be a good idea? If you click on their user name, the message link comes up, and you can send them a message.


Actually, I just checked my weather app, and Carrollton is just (just - HA) supposed to have cold rain. Very, very cold rain, but our lowest temp is supposed to be 36F during the precipitation event.

And – @divineutopia – if you tag someone in a message, that also shows up by your little pic in the corner. I don’t know about Ross, but I follow all the little links, both PM’s (green dot), and message mentions (I think that’s blue – I don’t have any to look at right now)(because I followed them all).