SMT/SMD parts available


I have most what remained of the SMT parts from the EE lab purge sorted into rough categories, sorted in this list by # parts per bucket (descending)

  • Diodes/BJTs/FETs (a ton of these)
  • Inductors (also, a ton)
  • Logic (74HC, 74V, a few other random tidbits)
  • LDOs/Buck/Boost/supervisory
  • Opamps/Linear
  • LEDs (0805 and smaller)
  • Resistors (still 3-4 trashbags to go, just a small smattering)
  • Capacitors (same as above)
  • Unknown (will try my best to identify before E-waste-ing them)

I don’t have a catalog database created yet, but I’m willing to dig through the box if someone wants me to check for something specific.


How to deal with hoarding

I brought some parts I didn’t need back and put them on the donation shelf for free. Lots of TVS diodes and other odd parts that I couldn’t use. Did you pick them up?



I did not, but I’ll do that tonight.