SMD soldering oven?

Do we have an oven for SMD soldering? I have a 15" long pcb with a bunch of SMD LEDs on it and I really don’t want to go buy an oven for it. What’s the chance we have something I can use that my board will fit in?

We have an oven on the northeast bench but it won’t fit a 15" pcb. They’d fit in my oven just barely and I’d gladly lend it but you definitely won’t get even temperature distribution that close to the edges of the oven.

I’d recommend doing these with the hot air we have. Use about 300C for leaded solder or 350C for lead-free, no nozzle, 100% air flow. The hardest part is making sure you don’t go too fast and leave some solder incompletely flowed.


I had a feeling there wouldn’t be an oven that would fit it. Guess I’m using the hot air machine. Thanks for the help!