Small lathe job

Howdie y’all,

I have a small lathe job requiring a metal lathe. My own lathe has a 6 inch swing and the part is 13 inches diameter – so I’ll need a bigger lather: at least a 7 inch swing.

This is a very simple job that should take 20 minutes, and does not need high precision.

Can’t find anyone to help so far :frowning:

Will be happy to pay anyone to do this, even if he is not a professional.



I’m up for it; I’m actually going to be turning a part later today at the space if you happen have things ready. Otherwise can plan it out. I’ll PM you.


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Thanks, I got your PM.
I will call you when I have it ready.

Jim, as always, that’s so thoughtful of you to volunteer to help this guy with his project.