Small Lathe and Mills

I had a quick regarding the small sherline (or equivalent) mills and lathes. I’ve been approved for the Colchester and the Bridgeport, do I need any additional training to use these mills and lathes?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you need a class for each. There are two options for “shortcuts” that you can take since you are signed off on the Colchester and the Bridgeport.

  • Find one of the instructors for the mini-mill and mini-lathes and ask them to show you what’s different and sign you off on competence to use them.


  • Take the Sherline for Bridgeport users and Sherline for Colchester users classes. These classes are shorter than the full class as they are assuming you know what you need to about machining, and you just need to know “what’s different”
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