Small amount of grout needed

Have a very small amount(perhaps a couple of oz) needed for a repair job.
About 40 linear inches of 1/4x 1/8 inch spacing between tiles and border.
Any color, beige to black, would be satisfactory.
Thanks, Ed

Sanded or non-sanded? I might have some, I will check when I get home tonight. I might have both.

If Tim doesn’t have any, I just bought some light gray grout. Floors and decors call it “frost”. I’d be happy to share some.

Mapei #77 if you want to know more about it.

Thanks Tim, my recollection of when to use each is vague, but think it could be either. It is for a trivet that fell, existing popped out so I cleaned out remainder

Thanks Jason, will let you know about Tim’s stash- appreciate ur offer

That would need sanded. Non sanded is used on smaller tiles with smaller grout lines. Think run of the mill nothing fancy shower with white 4x4 tiles and thin grout lines

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Thanks for your thoughts and willingness to look. I would want sanded

Looks like I dont have anymore grout. I swore I had some but I found a couple transformers I was looking for in the process.


The grout I have is unsanded, so probably not a good fit. If you still want some, you’re welcome to it.

Thanks for digging around-I have a list on my phone of things that went missing in the transfer of households from NC two years ago.

Thanks, J-will let you know if that is the case.

I have this bag and can bring it to the space if you need it. Called ocean blue and sanded image|375x500

I’d be glad to try some for my little project. I plan on coming in on Monday around noon.
Giving a personal tour to a fellow wood turner. Does DMS have a lost and found? Or any suggestions
for transfer? I’m a recent joiner so I don’t have any other suggestions. A sandwich baggie would be more than
enough to fill my need. Thanks for your offer, and picture-that was special.

I’ll package some up for you. I will be in the ceramics area at noon on Monday, come find me. The color turns out a medium gray in my opinion. If something changes I’ll find a location to have it available for you.

I’ll plan on meeting you. Have ceramics moved to the new area?

No we are in the back corner by jewelry, just look for the potters wheels.

Hi Ed, just wanted to confirm that noon still works for you? If so, I’ll be there. Thanks Monika

Still planning for meet up around that time 919-685-2657if you want text
of more exact time thx for asking

Done-and thanks for making an effort. Tina wanted the darker brown from the test, just added some of my wood dye.


Hey Tim, Is there a sheet metal brake available? I’d like to make a few folds on light steel or aluminum for a
tailstock center holder for my wood lathe.

Got some blue grout from Monika and dyed it to the wife’s satisfaction.