Slipcast mold - Chess King and Queen

Over the weekend I met the owner of The Kiln and I (located in Plano). She indicated that she had a mold that sounds like it came from @Julie-Harris 's storage. She has one part to the set but had indicated a King and Queen are missing. I’m not sure if anyone else happened to go through storage, but if so, do you happen to have this piece? She wanted to discuss borrowing.

Hmm, which set was it? There were lots of chess sets and I tried to keep them together but there were so many molds that it didn’t always work out. :slight_smile:

Looked like gnomes?

DMS got part of the gnome chess set because I didn’t realize what it was at the time.

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Ah okay. Well Pam was looking for them and figured it’d be worthwhile to see if anyone was using them : ) Guess I can look at the molds and verify they’re here. If so, I’m not sure how to coordinate and if anyone was wanting to use the other molds she has. What would be the best course of action?

Pam is incredibly nice, I bet she would let people use what she has or sell greenware/bisque. I can text Pam if the gnome king and queen is at DMS. If you find it let me know, I can also try to look next time I’m there. :slight_smile:


She was indeed, incredibly nice. In chatting she was willing to even let me use her bead rack since she says she never uses. She had already cast a few of the chess gnomes and was willing to trade off or whatever necessary - she just really wanted the matching pieces. I am not sure next time I’m up there - my guess is I’ll either be by Wed, Fri or Sun. Unless anyone else in Ceramics sees this thread and happens to check.


I think the gnome pawns are there. Idk about the King and Queen. There is a DND looking King and Queen that I think is the same set @meanbaby did in the past? Wana say we have parts of 3 sets. King and Queen should be in the kiln news 2 mos back.

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I may have misheard her. I briefly caught a glimpse but I think she said it was the King and Queen she was missing but perhaps it was the pawns. I remember what they look like though as they had high top hats, so I can try to take a look around when I’m there next. Thank you! I’ll also go back and look through the kiln news, great idea!


Some molds are on pallets in the new warehouse as well in the ceramics area :+1:t3:

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I texted Pam and she has the king, queen, bishop and a pawn. So it sounds like we’re missing the rook and knight mold and there could be another mold that is just pawns.

I remember bringing quite a few chess pieces over in the pile of molds that’s in 102.


I have the full crusaders set and part of the north and south set.

I think Mary in Garland got some of the north and south but she already owns a full set. I’ll get up with her when I find time

Yep, Mary got some of the North & South set.

I’ll be at the space Friday so if no one gets to it before me, I’ll try to look then and check Suite 102.

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I ended up casting these today. If I recall there was also a large sized pawn mold in the new area.

Do we have shelving I could use to sort those onto? I tried to keep some of the buried molds accessible for others to look through, but there’s a lot over there, so I hope it isn’t too spread out now. If so, let me know, I’ll clean things back up.


While I certainly hope we have shelving planned for the new space, we won’t get it until we can move into that area. Right now we’re stuck with all the molds stacked up on a pallet.

And, strictly a guess (JUST A GUESS NOT REAL INFO JUST A GUESS) I kinda think it’ll be about a month. I believe I heard that we’ve given the plans for the next stage of electric, which I think is all the build-out for the warehouse area, to the City of Carrollton. When we get them back, we’ll find a contractor and get them going. I believe that’s about a month to completion – maybe more. Don’t make me lie…