Slip rolling band iron


Before I order my metal, I wanted to confirm that the slip roller will be able to bend 1/8" x 2" cold rolled steel bands. Should this be doable, or do I need to use another method?


Unfortunately our slip roll does not have the capability to roll that thick. It’s rated at 16 gauge mild steel. It will however do like rod, 1/4,3/8 & 1/2” IRRC.


OK, I’m glad I asked. I was going to use the metal for the bands going above the cockpit area as seen in this picture. Maybe the thing to do will be to get some 16 gauge steel sheets and plasma cut them in strips. That’ll be quite a bit lighter too.

Or do you think I could get away with a slightly thicker 14 gauge since they’ll only be 2 inches wide?

02 PM

Also, I assume there will be no major issues arising from the use of cold rolled steel on the plasma or slip roller? Most people seem to use hot rolled.