Slack belt sander

Do we have a 1x42” belt sander or something similar? Looking to use it for shaping wood knife scales. If I recall there is one in metal shop but not sure if there is training required or if its OK to use on wood. Lots of sawdust so I’d assume no go.


Metal shop does not have a 1x42. We used to but it shorted internally. Blacksmithing has a 2x72 & at last check required training. Also you had to provide your own belts.

Nice. I’ve watched most of season 3 of forged in fire, so pretty confident I can run the grinder and might knock out a few raindrop pattern Damascus blanks while I’m at it. Kidding of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ryan. We do have a KMG at DMS. It is required training only. You can either come in tomorrow morning (around 10 am) if you want training on it sooner or we can be there Tuesday night for you to go through training. Otherwise, we only have it in class which is on Saturday at 1:30 (but I believe it is full at the moment.)


Great! I’ll be up there around 10am today.