Slabs near woodshop door

There 2 thin slabs of mesquite near the woodshop door, does anybody know who they belong to, and if they’d be willing to sell them? Hey they’ve been there for a couple weeks and have been waiting to run into to person they belong to to ask if they want to part with them, but haven’t seen them so thought I’d ask on here. If you or you know who own them let me know if they’re available to buy/trade/ have

They should have a tag on them other wise contact pierce of logistics

Pierce can’t sell them to me if they’re not his, I want to buy them not remove them from where that they are

No he can’t sell them but he may have I Owner info for you.

oh ok, well hopefully I run into whoever owns them, cause I’m not exactly in the position to ask any favors of pierce as I believe I Myself revoked my privilege of that so

Maybe @prl2018 or @IanLee know who the owner is?

Yea any info from anybody would be great but I don’t want anybody to go out of their way to try and find them but just if someone knows any info is appreciated


Paul and I pulled them out of vertical storage near the committee piles. No tags. They should be in the untagged pile near old Jewelry

Are they past the point To be claimed or still waiting period?

My impression of the rules was that the space cannot sell or offer a members’ property to other members, even if abandoned. It has to be donated or trashed.

@PearceDunlap please educate me if I’m misunderstanding something here.


What Ian said; if the old owner claims them and wants to sell them fine, but we’re required to dumpster them by law and not give them to a member, or have to sell them on the open market and the second item we’ve determined is too problematic for us to manage since it’s dicey legal territory.

Yea I know this, and theres also no law saying once it’s in the dumpster i can’t grab it back out and use it, so if it was past the toss out period

Actually that is in fact against the law; Carrollton has a prohibition on dumpster diving.

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They wanna keep all the slabs for themselves!


Well I’m assuming you can’t enforce that one, unless you’ve joined the force so after they’re in the dumpster It’s no longer a concern in regards to Dms policy
I feel you’re just being combative at this point, I’m willing to buy them so I’m not looking for free stuff to grab, you say you can’t pay for them, we have to throw them out, I say ok I’ll just grab them in the trash so they don’t go to waste, you say no there’s a law against that, ok so I guess your vote is to just have them go to the landfill vs being used and appreciated! Sounds like you’re just against me having them under any circumstances

Like I said they should just be in the pile near jewelry. You can’t just take something from the space and throw it in the dumpster and pull it back out.

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I suspect, if you were caught by the police, (unlikely I know) he wouldn’t want himself or DMS to be an accessory. Probably a better way to have handled it would have been to say “The next time I’m in the space and I’m cleaning up, you want me to take them to the dumpster to get them out of the way?” When he said yes, if they didn’t make it to the dumpster and something came back about it, He (and DMS) could say “It was left without tags against DMS policy and was to be thrown away. I had no idea he took it to the dumpster and kept it himself.” If you are going to operate outside policy or the law, at least don’t implicate others in your schemes, pretty much an unwritten rule.


And Chris do not whine, get upset, and ask the well known concern trolls to whine for you when you find yourself punished or banned for breaking the rules you were told were the rules and you said you were going to break. The reason you cannot dumpster dive is it opens dms up to the perception of inpropriety. If it appears or actually is bad actors all of a suddent start “throwing” stuff in the dumpsters for their friends.

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I find it amazing that some people will announce, in writing, that they intend to break the law and/or organizational policies.