Skateboard Bearing Supplier

Is there a supplier in the Garland side of town where a girl can find skateboarding/wheel style bearings? Home Depot, Dicks, Lowes, and Ace were a bust

Board shops aren’t as popular as they used to be in the 90s… to be honest, you would probably find a few of them around the boardwalk in LA or maybe in Miami / Orlando area, but here in Dallas probably not.

I hate to say it, but you might have to look online.

I’m not even sure companies like Santa Cruz or Burton are even still around

Thinking about it though, you might want to check a few bicycle shops that also carry rollerblades because they might be able to order the bearings are looking for…
Just a thought

Roller skate rinks?

Eh, The point?

Googlefu returned several skateboard shops.

there is an ace off of 30 in irving that has them. back of aisle 9

I’d call Carriers Skate Shop in east Plano and see if they carry what you need.

EDIT: FWIW, you can also order a wide variety of bearings from Grainger.

Fair warning: if ordering online, Amazon would be a MUCH better choice for these than Grainger.

Grainger has an awesome selection, but wow the prices are high. Very convenient, but on lots of things the markup is a factor of 10. ( Real data from a project at work this week. Some conduit fittings I need for a project were nearly $20 each at Grainger. $2 at Home Depot. )

Probably fair. I needed some with press-fit tolerances for a machining project … probably not comparable to skateboard bearings that Amanda is looking for.

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For specific and unusual - no argument. Grainger is a good source.

We use them all the time at work too. They’re usually very speedy, and they have super wide selection.

Just very proud of those things… :slight_smile:

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Amazon has a good deal on skateboard bearings:

For performance and specialty skate bearings though I’d go with CSS Skate: