Single Point Lathe Tools



Would it be possible for you to get some inserts and holder for single pointing larger diameter threads?

I was experimenting with single pointing last night and teaching Procterc.

I need to turn 1/2-20. Looks like the holder/insert on hand is for smaller diameter threads.

Dressing a hss tool is a !###!!! on our bench grinder in the metal shop…there is no light by which to see!

If you get this, then I am open to teaching a class this coming weekend.



We have/Had another style. I have not looked for it but we used in threading class when it was originally offered. The insert was vertically held in the tool holder.
It looked similar to this

Also I used our threading tool to do 1-7/16” threads, new insert though.



There is a single point insert tool on lathe tool rack. It is not large enough for 1/2-20 threads. Looks like it is for smaller diameter parts like 1/4-20 or less. I put it up against the part that I need to re-make…not enough clearance.



I can order this but will not do the research for people.
Send me a link.



The bulb on the bench grinder should be a fairly bright LED; is it dead?


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Here is the other single point tool. There are plenty of inserts for it. The screw should be a counter sunk 4-40 screw.

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That shank appears to be pretty beaten up and the insert does not appear to be correct?

I called Kennametal today and received the following info:

1/2 inch shank insert holder 1097608 $103.79
3/8 inch shank insert holder 1095583 $90.17

Both of these tool holders can be used with the following inserts. These inserts can be used with various materials: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. These inserts are capable of 8 thru 36 TPI:
KC5025 1795785 $108.15 qty 5 (currently in stock and recommended)
KCU25 4109941 $109.20 qty 5 (not currently in stock. Newer version of the above)
KCU10 4175912 $113.90 qty 5. (longer lasting but brittle…will chip if not properly used)

The above is for conventional lathe.

Kennametal has online resources (Usage Guide Vol 1) that lists SFM, Speeds, Feeds and # of passes to obtain optimum cutter life and surface finish.

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Note that this is the side view that is posted above, not the top view.



The end is beaten up but that’s it, it is not really that old, it’s actually newer than the other style we have. I promise you it will cut just fine, the insert sits vertical with an under cut shoulder for low support. We have multiple inserts already including the one that is on the shank. Each has 3 new cutting edges, So its cheaper to maintain. David bought it when he was chair, right before he ran for the BOD, 2 years ago. It’s also 5/8” shank size.

I’m not opposed to us buying tools, but when we have 2 different that will do the job, its kinda hard to justify. Especially when someone will end up beating the new one up.

Here is a link to what it is supposed to look like