Silver Soldering Class Request

Hi All

I am experienced with silver soldering for model making. However, I do need training and access permission to use the DMS equipment. Can someone please contact me for appropriate DMS training and access permission.


It’s a shame that you just missed a class on silver-soldering held on Wednesday 7/7/21.

I live in Fort Worth and am limited to Fri-Sun due to my work schedule.

Suitcases a class on using the Hydra flux machine about once the month and the night of the class varies sometimes it is on Friday. I will mention it to Sue and said she if she can get back with you I’m not sure when we’ve got when she’s got a weekend class or I’ve got a weekend class plastic she has to bring me so if I have a class she has to be there

Translation: Sue teaches a class on the Hydroflux machine …


Thank you my phone seems to be having a