Silkscreen Training

@Team_Creative_Arts who would I talk to about getting training to on silk screening t-shirts. Also looking to find out if CA has supplies (and how much they cost) or whether i should bring my own in (and if so, what kinds are acceptable)

Screen printing falls under @Team_Printmaking

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Hi Zachary,

I teach in the printmaking area, but not silk screening. We have monthly meetings in which you can attend and meet others in printmaking who are silk screeners and teachers in that area. Our next meeting is on Monday, 2/17 @ 7:00pm in the printmaking area. Stop by and say Hi!

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@Artist_Till_Death :eyes:

Ya’ know – given the time I see you at the Space, you should keep an eyeball out for Paul @Hardsuit and Astrud @Print_Witch . I’m pretty sure that they aren’t in charge anymore, but they should be able to tell you the details on what you’d need to have.

We are starting to schedule the basic classes on the calendar again, just gave you keep an eye out for when they go live. We also try to keep the whiteboard in Printmaking updated with the scheduled classes for a physical in house reference.